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Welcome to New Jonestown

Don't drink the Koolaid

Dorks Unite
12 August 1976
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Once you've started on the path to enlightenment, You've already reached it, you just don't realize it yet.
80's music, alchemy, ancient egyptian religion, animation, art, arzt + pfusch, astrology, bali, bartending, betty page, bettyx, boingo, bondage, claymation, coffee and cloves, converter, cooking, covenant, creating art, dancing all night, darkwave, das ich, deep thinkers, drinking, early industrial, ebm, egypt, egyptian mythology, egyptian spirituality, einsturzende neubauten, europe, fetish, fire, fog, funkervogt, germany, god module, going out, gripfast boots, hanging out with friends, industrial, intellectual conversation, intellectual sparing, interesting people, invisible records, johnny the homicidal maniac, kabalistic studies, kaballah, keyboards, kraftwerk, latex, leather, life, live shows, ljmaps_luxxdesade, making music, mallrats, marquis desade, masturbating furiously, meditation, metaphysics, metropolis records, mike ness, movies, music, music..did i mention that, my studio, mystics, negative feedback, negative format, new jonestown, new wave, nightmare before christmas, noise, noisex, non-zealot religious conversation, oil drums, oingo boingo, p.a.l, philosophy, piercings, pil, playing, politics, producing, psychobilly, punk, pvc, rain, reading, religion, richard matheson, rockabilly, silent bob, singapore, slave labor comics, sleeping all day, south east asia, spirituality, squee, stop-motion, subcultures, tattoos, techno, thai food, thailand, the cramps, the gits, the lost boys, tim burton, travel, turning ppl into alcoholics, vinyl, vnv nation, walking at night, wumpscut