so much to say so little want to say it instead...i'm pimping a friends new gig...

interesting new service - its free to sign up will be free for a while, check it
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Ok - you know I rarely do this kind of blast....but please follow the link.
I dont want any bitching about the company and everything else they've
done wrong blah compaints...

Help the drug manufacturers give back!

Bristol-Myers, Squibb is donating $1 to AIDS every time someone goes to their website and moves the match to the candle and lights it.

Bristol-Myers is one of the large drug manufacturers with its hand in AIDS treatment medication. The cost of the necessary medications can be out of reach for many (or most) people who need them. It is so expensive that recent articles indicate the cost of these drugs to be as high as 6% of Botswana 's national budget.

It is time that those companies who benefit from this terrible epidemic start helping find a real way to assist those who suffer.

Please forward to your friends to spread.

It only takes a second to raise a dollar but millions are needed.

Click on the link below.
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It's one of those days...

Other than I'm on a health kick, made an udon noodle salad last night. Turned out better than I thought it would. Edamame, carrots, chinese peas, red peppers and udon noodles (which are a pain in the ass to cook btw). Then the sauce was a combo of Teriyaki, Soy Sauce, some chili oil, some sesame oil and a few other things here and there. Made a fruit salad over the weekend too. Perhaps its the heat, I'm not sure, but I've definitely been on a health kick, walking more, taking the bus has already become a habit - which is nice. I havent smoked (minus the occassional one here and there) in over a month, I think it may be 5 weeks now, I don't recall anymore when it was. The occassional one doesn't give me urges for more either, its nice.

I guess it was just time. Interview last week went ok, its turning out that I'm getting on a lot of radars, BUT I'm still having issues getting 'the job' I'm always the #2 choice (again sounds this way). I know its just timing, but UGH! its somewhat frustraiting. Yeah I want instant gradification, but I have been in the job over a year, and it is the music industry. I'm kinda stuck in a boring job, that i had to shanghi stuff to get more work to do. (which i found out, was originally part of the job prior to the guy b4 me). Otherwise, the next few weeks will definitely be fun. Leave thursday for San Fran, outside of thanksgiving 5 yrs ago, its the first time my sister, brother and I will actually 'hang out' in lord, at least 10 years. he has a conference ending Wedns in Salt Lake City and has taken off a week, going to san fran. My parents are flying down, it will be a huge reunion, and for once, my dad isn't stressing, everything has already been planned (for the most part) for his anal retentive ass and he seems as excited as we all are to just be able to hang out =D.

Now to leave you with a little Depeche Mode...

Only sometimes
I question everything
And I'm the first to admit
If you catch me in a mood like this
I can be tiring
Even embarassing
But you must
Feel the same
When you look around
You can't tell me honestly
You're happy with what you see
Oh sometimes
Only sometimes
You must be...
You must be...
As embarassing as me
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One of the greatest bands from the 80's that is both underrated and forgotten about....The Alarm.

I was obsessed w/ the one album i could order from work for ages, originally ordered it for 68 guns, then realized I knew A LOT, now the just released a best of, basically singles collection. I don't know how this band isn't mentioned at times up there with a lot of similar artists. Granted I was a little young, so perhaps they were that 'shitty pop band' that sounded a lot like everyone else. I'd figure if that was true thought hey wouldn't be spun on things like Indie, I could be wrong though.

Granted it was the late 80's and they weren't doing buttrawk

So in other news, this is just further proof, we need a NEW IRS Records. Someone that really gets it, a label that will be remembered like that one. Where 15 yrs after closing its doors, ppl still want to get the T-shirts with the logo, not because it looks cool, but because what it stood for.
The home of Concrete Blonde, The Alarm, Animals, Adam Ant, Bad Brains, Jeff Beck, Bel Canto, Bolshoi, Buzzcocks, Carter USM, Circle Jerks, Consolidated, and on and they have a lot of unknowns too, but LORD! If someone could create a brilliance like this again!

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So soo true in ways

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."

- Hunter S. Thompson


I see new ppl, and since this Journal is pretty much friends only, minus the occassional MEME
introductions, etc are quite necessary for an add back =)

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